Shine Your Light

These thoughts are excerpted from the keynote I presented at the CT-ACDA Fall Conference in Guildford, CT.  I have edited my remarks for this print edition for ease of reading (mostly, I took out all of the jokes that failed miserably). Shine Your Light When I found out that the conference was titled “Shine Your Light,” I instantly thought of the zillions of inspiring graduation … Continue reading Shine Your Light

Feeling helpless these days? Yeah. Me, too.

Another day of awful news has descended on all of us. I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to become overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of problems facing our world. And every day, I work through a series of scenarios in my head where I play out what I can possibly do to alleviate any of them. Most of the time I … Continue reading Feeling helpless these days? Yeah. Me, too.

The Other Side of Mothering

The Other Side of Mothering Last week I was saying goodbye to a friend who I knew I wouldn’t see for a while and I suddenly blurted out, “Don’t worry. It’ll get easier. Someday your kids won’t be all-consuming and you’ll feel like going out into the world and doing stuff again.”  It was completely unsolicited and luckily received with a relieved smile. I brazenly … Continue reading The Other Side of Mothering

Don’t tell them they can’t.

Want your students to excel? Don’t tell them they can’t. Why not tell them they can? You’d be surprised what students can do. Sometimes it just takes you getting out of the way. Provide curricular opportunities that are open-ended in their design instead of curriculum that only has correct and incorrect answers. Allow ALL students chances to demonstrate mastery, creativity, and ownership of their work. … Continue reading Don’t tell them they can’t.