Shine Your Light

These thoughts are excerpted from the keynote I presented at the CT-ACDA Fall Conference in Guildford, CT.  I have edited my remarks for this print edition for ease of reading (mostly, I took out all of the jokes that failed miserably). Shine Your Light When I found out that the conference was titled “Shine Your Light,” I instantly thought of the zillions of inspiring graduation … Continue reading Shine Your Light

Practicing What You Preach: Learning What You Teach

Summer is the perfect time for me to try out some of the nonsense I spew all year long.  Okay, not nonsense. Well thought-out, research-backed, pedagogically sound, veteran tested, best practices stuff.  But honestly, stuff that sometimes makes me feel like I’m just a carnival barker. I’m talking about the practice-what-you-preach stuff.  Things I say a million times over the course of a school year, … Continue reading Practicing What You Preach: Learning What You Teach

Changing the Narrative in Arts Education

Remarks read at the 2016 New York State School Superintendents’ Conference: On behalf of the Rockville Centre Schools community, the singers and I come before you as advocates for music education.  And we ask you to consider a bold change in the narrative regarding arts education.  Over the two decades of my teaching career, I have been part of many advocacy campaigns that seek to save … Continue reading Changing the Narrative in Arts Education